Is Telegram Safest then WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger?


Whatsapp and Facebook are owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Many Times Hackers, break Facebook security and steals millions of user data, and even now Facebook is incapable of takedown all fake news and spamming which is running in their network. On the other hand, Telegram security never gets a break until now. Moreover, Telegram currently facing legal issues in Russia as Telegram refuses to give user private encryption keys as Telegram gave a promise to users that their chats it 100% end-to-end encrypted and secure.

Best Messaging App

Telegram Best Part:

  • Telegram has more user-friendly stickers and its very easy to add, Even I like this feature. Even I have about 500+ stickers in my account and every sticker is amazing. My current favorite part of using telegram.
  • Your chats will always be saved on the cloud. This means even if you deleted or get uninstalled by mistake or phone get lost then you can immediately access all your chats.
  • You can log in to your account on multiple devices without having any issues. I recommend you to login into another device.
  • You can send files up to a 2GB limit, which is an amazing thing.
  • Searching Groups & Channels is quite easy as you just have to type the name or username, that type of group or channel.
  • Chat people via username is the best part in terms of privacy. Like: If I don’t want to share my personal cellphone number.
  • It has Secret Chat Feature which acts as end-to-end encryption, Currently, no one gets any success in breaking it.
  • You can use Telegram in PC, Mobile, Tablet, Mac, etc at the same time.
  • Can send images and videos with/without compression or losing quality.
  • Telegram has a lot more features like Voting, Bots, Cloud Storage for chats and Files, Support voice calls.

WhatsApp Benefits:

  • It’s currently most the popular messaging app in the world with 1.6+ billion active users worldwide.
  • Whatsapp has its own end-to-end encryption chats.
  • Voice as well as Video Calls are possible in Whatsapp even in groups.
  • Only 1 session at a time in mobile device and 1 in Web Browser.
  • Compress Images/Videos before sending, this reduces the quality of the media.
Whatsapp and Telegram, which is Best


As per my reviews, both have benefits, and both lack some features. For example, video calls are not currently possible in Telegram likewise multiple sessions not possible on WhatsApp. I recommend using both as to when my 70% of the clients don’t use Telegram as they are unaware of it. I make my data backups on Telegram as its Free. Also, I already joined many Channels and Groups where I enjoy a lot by sending Funny Stickers, GIFs, and other media stuffs.

Did You Know:

Once Telegram organized a Competition and asked coders all over the world to hack their end-to-end encryption with a $1 Million winning price, But sadly no one able to do that. This tells how to advance the telegram Privacy and Safety is.

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